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Life Saving Colors Painted in Baler

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Baler, Aurora – “Painting the town red” is not always about enjoyment.

In this capital town, red paint on public poles, posts, and trees serves as a warning to residents that their lives and property depend on their alertness to act in times of floods.

Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office (MDRRMO) here has intensified its advocacy to mitigate, if not totally eliminate the loss of lives in times of typhoons and floods, by launching the “colors of life” campaign.

Gabriel LLave, head of the MDRRMO here, explained that by painting some 147 poles, trees, and posts in low-lying and flood-prone communities with the colors of life-yellow, green, and red – people can better react to save lives and property.

“These colors of life shall serve as an early warning system (EWS) to residents,” said LLave.

Under the concept, every pole will be painted with the six-foot high EWS starting from the ground. Two feet of yellow color will be applied from the base, following by the colors green and red , respectively.

When flood reached the yellow warning, every family must prepare for possible evacuation. When flood rises to the green warning, every one shoul seek to the higher ground.

Finally, the red color warning alerts residents to flee the entire community and relocate to evacuation centers to prevent any loss of life, Llave said.

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