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Sangguniang Bayan Secretariat

Sngguniang Bayan Secretariat

Glorioso A. Villafranca
SB Secretary

2nd Floor Legislative Bldg.
Municipal Plaza, Baler, Aurora

I. Functional Statement (General):

The Sangguniang Bayan, as the legislative body of the this municipality, shall enact ordinances, approve resolutions and appropriate funds for the general welfare of the municipality and its inhabitants pursuant to Section 16 of the Local Government Code of 1991 and in proper exercise of the corporate powers to the municipality as provided for under Section 22 of the said code.

1.2. Specific Action Statement CY 2014:
-Enactment and establishment of important legislative policies and mechanism such as:
-Environment Code
-Code of General Ordinances
-Gender and Development Code
-Health and Sanitation Code
-Administrative Code
– Boundary Dispute Settlement
– Legislative Tracking System
– Improvement of System in Legislative Records Keeping and Management.
– Improvement of legislative Offices; VM/SB Presiding Officer, SB Members and Secretariat.
– Improvement of Session Hall Facilities
– Strengthening of SB Secretariat Workforce.
– Legislative /Legal Research.
– Undertaking of Other Tasks as Provided Under Article U, Sec. 3U of the Revised Revenue Code re: Tricycle Franchising/MTOP.

II. Objectives (General):

To effective undertake the following duties and powers as provided for under the Local Government Code of 1991:
1. Approve ordinances and pass resolutions necessary for an efficient and effective municipal government;
2. Generate and maximize the use of resources and revenues for the development plans, program objectives and priorities of the municipality as provided in Section 18 of the local Government Code, with particular attention to agro-industrial development and countryside growth and progress;
3. Grant franchises, enact ordinances authorizing the issuance of permits or licenses, or enact ordinances levying taxes fees and charges upon such conditions and for such purposes intended to promote the general welfare of the inhabitants of the municipality;
4. Regulate activities relative to the use of land, buildings and structures within the municipality in order to promote the general welfare;
5. Approve ordinances which shall ensure the efficient and effective delivery of basic services and facilities as provided for under Section 17 of the Local Government Code;
6. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be provided by law or ordinance.

11.2 Objectives for Specific Action Statement CY 2014:
– To enact/approve ordinances intended for the general welfare of the constituents and necessary for an efficient and effective municipal government
– To establish an effective system in tracking down the performance of the local government in legislation, execution and implementation of local ordinances.
– To determine the exact/legal territorial jurisdiction of the LGU and correspondingly settle the boundary dispute between Baler and its adjoining municipalities.
– To improve system in records keeping and management at the Sanggunian and SB Secretariat.
– To ensure precision in verbatim recording of SB sessions and meetings, and to establish clear copies of old and worn out files documents.
– To provide for personnel requirements of the Sangguniang Bayan and the SB Secretariat.
– To keep the Sanggunian abreast with the existing statute and policies and to ensure its proper legal stand in dealing with crucial legislative tasks and quasi-judicial duties.
– To effectively enforce the rules and regulations in implementing franchise and other fees in tricycle operation as promulgated by the MTFRB in coherence with the Revised Revenue Code.

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