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Office of the Mayor



Office of the Mayor

Hon. Nelianto C. Bihasa
 Municipal Mayor

2nd Floor Executive Bldg.
Municipal Plaza, Baler, Aurora
email: mayorpilot@baler.gov.ph




I. Functional Statement:

Executive direction, control, supervision and management of Municipal affairs.

II. Objectives:

The Office of the Mayor shall be responsible for the overall executive direction, control, supervision and management of the municipal affairs.

III. Programs/Projects/Activities:

1. Exercise control and supervision over all local administrative affairs in the Municipality.
2.Subject to the provision of the Civil Service Laws, Rules and Regulations, appoint all officers and employees of the Municipal government, except those that are specifically provided in the Local Government Code.
3. Represent the Municipality in its business transactions and sign in its behalf all contracts and obligations.
4. Coordinates the implementation of technical services rendered by national officers, including public works and roads and bridges in the community.
5. Call a meeting of any or all the municipal officials in such place and time as he may designate.
6. Direct the formulation of the municipal government development plans and programs and once approved by the Sangguniang Bayan, supervise and direct the execution and implementation thereof.
7. Call upon any National Officials or employees stationed in the Municipality to coordinate in the implementation of plans, programs and projects and his advice and recommendation thereon
8. Grants license and permits in accordance with existing laws and municipal ordinances and revoke them for violation of the condition upon which they have been granted.
9. Maintain peace and order in the municipality and in pursuance thereof, he shall be entitled to possess and carry the necessary firearms within his jurisdiction, subject to the existing laws and regulations.
10. At least one-half month beginning each calendar year, requires each head of office to prepare and submit to him through the Municipal Budget Officer, an estimate of appropriation of each office during the ensuing year, which estimate shall be prepared on the basis of program, project, activities and workloads and such estimate of appropriation, after evaluation, shall form part of the municipality.
11. Submit to the Sangguniang Bayan the Annual Budget of the Municipality for ensuing calendar year on or before enforcement and execution.
12. Enforce laws, municipal ordinances and resolutions and issue orders for their faithful and proper enforcement and execution.

13. Ensure that all taxes and revenues of the municipality are collected and that municipal funds are spent in accordance with law, ordinance and regulations.
14. Adopt measures to safeguard all the lands, buildings, records, monies, credits and other property rights of the Municipality.
15. In case to be instituted administrative or judicial proceedings against any officers or employee of the municipality.
16. Authorize trips outside the municipality of officers and employees by him.

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