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Municipal Planning & Development Office

Municipal Planning and Development Office

Engr. Manuel Q. Hernandez
Municipal Plannig and Devlopment Coordinator

2nd Floor Executive Bldg.
Municipal Plaza, Baler, Aurora

I. Functional Statement:

1. Exercise supervision and control over the Planning and Development Office.
2. Formulate integrated economic, social, physical and other development plans and policies.
3. Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the different development programs, projects and activities.

II. Objectives:

1. To integrate and coordinate all sector plans and studies undertaken by different function groups or agencies.
2. To prepare comprehensive plans and other development planning documents.
3. To conduct continuing studies, researches and training programs.
4. To recommend fiscal plans and policies for consideration of the finance committee.
5. To promote people participation in development planning.


A dynamic organization striving for an excellent provision of development planning proficiencies that will act as catalyst of change towards sustainable growth and progress of the municipality.


Delivery of socio-economic and physical planning services utilizing appropriate modern technology and new innovations, working in harmony with key players of development that promote broader participation of the community.

Performance Pledge




1. Securing Copy of Planning Document and Thematic Maps Maps/Documents received within 10 minutes upon request Manuel Q. Hernandez
2. Request Copy of Socio-Economic Data Updated documents/date received within 15 minutes upon request Jennifer  T. Virrey
3. Charging of disbursement voucher under 20% development fund Voucher duly charges as requested; signed and received within 10-15 minutes upoon receipt, error-free Manuel Q. Hernandez
4. Securing Locational Clearance/Zoning Certification Clearance/Certification duly conformed to zoning ordinance; received within 10 minutes upon filing of application Benjamin R. Hungriano




1. Provision of Basic Information/Data
a. Requirement:
1. Letter of request for the needed information/data

b. Steps:
1. Present Letter of request to any staff of the office
2. Pay to the Municipal Treasury Office the necessary amount
3. Issuance of the copy needed Information/data
Estimated Total Servicing Time: Ten (10) minutes
Amount to be paid : P 50.00

2. Issuance of Location/Zoning Clearance

a. Requirements for Securing Locaitonal Clearance/Certificate of Zoning Compliance
I. Basic Requirements (one copy per document)

1. Duly accomplished APPLICATION FORM

2. Any of the following requirements relative to RIGHT OVER LAND:

a. Photocopy of the certificate of title, in case regsitered in the name of the applicant;
b. In the absence of existing certificate of title in the name of the applicant, submit
b. 1.) Certified copy of the latest tax declaration and b. 2) affidavit to the effect that:
– the applicant is the owner of the property subject of the applicant;
– the reason why the property is not yet entitled;
– that the property is situated within the alienable and disposable lands and outside
lands reserved for the publci domain;
– that the property is not tenanted (in case the property is planted to rice & corn)
c. In case the property is not registered in the name of the applicant, submit duly
notarized deed of sale or deed of donation, or contract of lease or authorization to
use land, whichever is applicable plus the photocopy of the owner’s certificate of
title or in the absence of title, the tax dewclaration and affidavit as decribed in item b.
d. Barangay Clearance

3. VICINITY MAP showing the existing land uses within the prescribed radius from the lot
boundary of the project site

a. For project of local significance, the vicinity should cover a minimum of 100 meters
radius, and the map used not to be drwan to scale provided the raltvie distance of
existing land uses to the project site lot boundaries are indicated;

b. For projects of antional significance, the vicinity should cover a minimum of one (1)
kilometer radius and should be drawn to scale.

4 SITE DEVELOPMENT PLAN showing the project site lot area boundaries and dimension
of proposed improvement within the project site; the plan need not be drawn to scale for
project of local significance.

II. Additional Requirements (one copy per document)

1. For ALL PROJECTS to be situated on RICE and/or CORN Lands:

Endorsement/Recommendation from the DAR Provincial/Municipal Agrarian Reform
Office for the conversion into other uses:

2. For manufacturing projects: DESCRIPTION OF INDUSTRY citing among others the

– Types and volume of raw materials used;
– Products manufactures or sorted;

1. Average production output/capacity per day/week/month;
2. Industrial wastes and plans for pollution control;
3. Description and flow or manufacturing process.

3. For Application filed by Authorized Representative;
SWORN SPECIAL POWER OF ATTORNEY for the representative to file/follow up
application, and claim decision to the application.


1. Filing of Application Form for Locatioanl Clearance
2. Submission of Documentary requirements
3. Project ocular inspection by the Zoning Officer
4. Review and evaluation of submitted requirements/documents

in case the Project doesn’t conformed to Zoning Ordinance Regulationss:
a. Issuance of Denial letter by the Zoning Officer
b. Filing of Letter/Application for Exemption or Variance to the Local Zoning Board of
Adjustment and Appeals (LZBAA)
c. Conduct of meeting, site inspection, evaluation and studies on application of the Local
Board of Adjustment and Appeals (LZBAA)
d. Issuance of Resolution granting exemption or variance for the project by the LZBAA

5. Computation/Assessment of Locational Clearance Fee

6. Payment of Locational Clearance/Certificate of Zoning Compliance fee to the Office
of the Municipal Treasurer

7. Preparation, approval and Issuance of Locational Clearance/Certificate of Zoning
Compliance by the Zoning Officer

Estimated Total Servicing Time: Five (5) minutes
Amount to be Paid : Based on the Approved Zoning
Locational Clearance Fee


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