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Business Permit and Licensing Division

Business Permit and Licensing Division

Mary Jane A. Dumpit
Division Chief

Ground Floor Executive Bldg.
Municipal Plaza, Baler, Aurora

I. Functional Statement

The Business Permit and Licensing Division shall implement all laws, ordinances, rules and regulation in the issuance of Mayor’s Permit to every person, natural or juridical, for the operation of business or service establishment, conduct of any trade activity, pursuit of any commercial undertaking and practice of occupation or calling within the municipality.

II. Objectives

1. To issue Mayor’s Permit to businesses and commercial establishments located in the Municipality of Baler.
2. To provide an effective system of conducting inspections and verifications of all business establishments.
3. To undertake necessary measures and systems to generate more revenues for the municipality.
4. To embark on intensive campaign against illegal business operations and to recommend revocation of business licenses and permits in case of violations.
5. To maintain and enhance the electronic Business Permit and Licensing System (eBPLS) and to strengthen the implementation of the Streamlining Program in the issuance of Mayor’s Permit.

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