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Baler Municipal Fishport

Municipal Fishport

Diogenes D. Villareal
Fishport Supervisor II

Baler Fishport
Barangay Zabali
Baler, Aurora

I. Functional Statement:

The Office of the Municipal Fishport shall be responsible for the overall management, direct supervision and administration of the Baler Municipal Fish Port.

II. Objectives:

1. To ensure the effective management and operation of the fish port facilities;
2. Provide security measures to ensure peace and order at the fish port for the safety of its clients;
3. To provide all bills and receipts and all other forms necessary for fees collection and gathering of statistics for the facilities;
4. To provide the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) with financial and statistic reports.
5. To maximize the generated revenues from local clients like fish producers, fish supplies, viajeros producers of agricultural products and other traders in the Municipal Fish port.
6. To complement the various projects and programs of the Municipal and Provincial Tourism Office.
7. To ensure the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities and surrounding premises of the Baler Municipal Fish port.

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