Wisdom of Life

Official Seal


COCONUT – stands for major agricultural products of the municipality

RAYS OF THE SUN – the number signifies the five (5) barangay in the Poblacion which is the urban core.

BALOD (Mountain Dove) – a large mountain dove (Paloma Montes) that once abundant in the place. The number constitute the thirteent (13) outlying Barangays of the Municipality of Baler.

COCONUT TREE PALM (Palapa ng Niyog) – symbolizes the Barangays, which have been noted for agricultural base with vast rice land.

RICE FIELDS AND SACK OF RICE – represents the second major agricultural products which is palay/rice and the six (6) barangays with vast rice land

┬áSEA (Baler Bay) – characterized the rich marine resources of the place which is potential for fishery and eco-tourism development.

MOUNTAINS – shows endowment with natural resources and sceneries as pristine mountains, luscious forest, rock formation, inland water bodies and minerals as well as beautiful beaches.

BUILT-UP CONFIGURATIONS – it represent the town’s national historical landmark which is the Baler Church, Once served as the Spanish Garrison in the country. The old Municipal hall built during early 1950s, the site since then serves as the center of local government administration.

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